Desktop Cichlids: The Shell-Dweller Recipe
by Matt Pedersen
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About the Author

Matt Pedersen has been keeping aquariums since the age of only 5 years. His first efforts to propagate fish were directed towards Sailfin Mollies. At the age of 13, Matt joined the workforce at a small pet shop, taking care of the animals for a few hours a week. By 14 he had begun to perform aquarium maintenance for residential clients.

After nine years in retail and every fish imaginable, Matt found his true love to be African Cichlids, the only fish he truly never tired of. Matt left retail to represent The Cichlid Factory in January of 1998. Since then he has continued to learn as much as possible, joining the ACA and religiously purchasing "Cichlid News" from his local retail clients. Matt Pedersen has been guest speaker at Cichlid Clubs including Suburban Aquarist Society and the Great Lakes Cichlid Club. Most often Matt will speak on Victorian Cichlids, his personal passion.

Since February 2000 Matt has made another career change, from wholesaling cichlids to Multimedia/CD-ROM/Web development as the Executive Senior Multimedia Developer for Infotube Inc. In December of 2000, we moved our group of sites from a free-hosting service ( to high-grade professional hosting and a new domain - Matt continues to operate, improve and expand the NEW with John Baker, founder of the Cichlid Factory.

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Intro Materials Care Species & Images
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